Buying your first home can be a daunting experience.

The decision to buy ,to make that big commitment for usually your first and biggest investment you have made and most people make in their lives is the first hurdle to get over.  Then come the really big decisions,
I need a lender and a realtor.  Where do I start?

Your first stop needs to work with a lender that has experience with programs available specifically for first time homebuyers.  There are lenders that specialize in commercial loans, non-conforming loans etc.  You want to find that lender that has the experience in dealing with different financing sources available to your needs as a first time homebuyer.  You have special needs as a first time homebuyer that the lender needs to be aware of and capable of helping you with.  They can guide you about programs for down payment assistance, rural housing loans, etc.  Once they have your financial info, they should be able to sit down and go through the different programs available to you ie how much in purchase price, monthly payment, down payment, cash needed to close.

Once you have that info, you are ready to select your realtor.  Your decision should be focused on realtors that have experience working with first time home buyers.  You definitely do not want someone new getting their experience with you making the biggest investment of your life.  Find a realtor that truly listens to your fears, needs, concerns.  No question is stupid if it is a concern in your mind!!  You should have a comfort level with the person you choose that they have your best interest at heart and know that you will have many emotions, questions, fears that will need to be addressed.

I find the biggest questions first time homebuyers don’t ask realtors during their process of selecting their agent is, “How many first time homebuyers do you work with a month?”   Find that realtor that works with first time homebuyers on a regular basis, knows the finance options available and advise you on the different communities that are viable options based on your needs. .

Team Lowery works with first time homebuyers on a regular basis.  We have helped hundreds of buyers find their first dream home.  Our team consistently wins top awards with THDA which is a first time homebuyer designed to help you get into a home with little or no money down.  So give us a call!!  We are here to listen to your needs and take you through the process


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